just seen some white people in the store this mom was at the register this little girl like 11 or 12 put a bunch of candy bars on the counter to get it rang up the mom was like no, no more sweets for you little girl was like ” no i want it ” mom was like N-O! little girl 2 pieced her right in the ribs  and the mom was like owww whyd u do that and i saw the mom start to cry litle girl  was like i want it now!!! dont make me ask again

mom told the cashier to ring up the candy bars lol me and the black lady next to me just looked at each other, yall needa beat your kids ass white people wtf

You can’t bruh. Kids call the police.

lol i used to tell my mom i was gonna call the police/cps on her she would be like “call em”  and handed me the phone lol

^^^^ same.

With an added “if you do call don’t come back”